What Is a Social Media Hub?

TwineSocial: The Social Media Hub for Your Brand

Social media hubs provide a unique way for brands to display their social media content on their digital properties. They work by aggregating posts from social media networks like Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest and presenting them in one unified location.

Increasingly, brands are using social media feeds for hashtag marketing campaigns to drive more engagement with their campaigns on social media. By displaying visual content in a rich interactive display brands humanize their marketing campaigns and their products.

A Social Media Hub for the Adidas Australia #SheRuns Campaign (by TwineSocial)

Social Media Aggregator View

Traditional Social Media Marketing vs. Social Media Hubs with TwineSocial

More and more brands and digital agencies are using social hubs in their marketing campaigns. And when you see the advantages, it's no surprise.

Traditional Social

Your posts last only a few hours—or minutes—before falling down the digital memory hole.


Get the maximum lifetime for all your content. And feature posts you want to get more attention.

Traditional Social

Your audience is fragmented across multiple networks, with new networks coming every year.


Your audience can share your content from any network + follow your brand on their favorite social networks—right from your hub.

Traditional Social

Positive customer reviews on social media don't get the attention they deserve.


Put your customers' bests posts in front of your audience real-time by embedding your hub on your website.

Traditional Social

Bad customer feedback on social media gets as much attention as good feedback, sometimes more.


Easily discard posts that poorly reflect your brand. So you're always putting your best foot forward.

Traditional Social

No clear way to measure the relative impact of your content. How does your audience respond to different types of content?


Get reports on engagement with all your content for valuable high-impact insights into your audience. Know exactly what engages with your audience, and why.

TwineSocial includes other helpful tools for your social media aggregation. For instance, you can easily moderate out any post from your hub with just one click. Or route content meeting certain criteria to an approval area before publishing.

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