Social Marketing Platform for Tourism

Your customers love sharing new experiences. Showcase your experiences by harnessing the power of UGC.

Your Tourism Marketing Strategy is Obsolete.

Millennials are officially the largest generation in history.
They have secured their status as leaders in travel and tourism.
But they're ignoring your carefully honed marketing strategy.

What's Happening? Where did everybody go?

of Travellers

Use photos from other travellers to help them make decisions

Source: TripAdvisor

Of Millennials

Say they use UGC to inform their purchase decisions about travel experiences

Source: DM News

Of Shoppers

Think that social media is more trustworthy than your marketing content

Source: Nielsen

What does this mean?

Millennials use photos and social media to make their decisions
using photos and social media to make their decisions.
They are abandoning your tourism marketing techniques.

What the Future Looks LikeBig Winners & Big Losers.

Travel Marketers with clear strategies for developing positive user generated content – whether through their own customer base or strategic partnerships with influencers – are soaring.

the losers

The Dinosaurs? Starved of new travellers, at first they simply fail to grow.
Eventually, winners eat their lunch.

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What do these Winners have in common? Authentic Marketing, Driven by User Generated Content

Your prospects and repeat travellers create endless streams of authentic content on social media.

Smart Tourism Marketers have discovered how to tap into this marketing gold mine, connecting with buyers at every touchpoint.

The PlatformOne Platform. Many Uses

TwineSocial's powerful platform delivers authentic content at scale across your entire organization.

Create compelling ads by acquiring and re-using UGC. Create a bank of approved images to use in your ad library and deploy on Facebook, Instagram, Doubleclick, Google Ads, and more.

Improve conversion with UGC on product pages and on homepages. Tag products within our platform to showcase your products in beautiful shoppable galleries.

Drive audience engagement by easily creating a campaign microsite featuring user generated content. Allow users to directly upload content or contribute from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other social platforms.

Increase social sharing at any event with a live-updating social wall. TwineSocial works with most major signage systems, and partners with the largest providers. Easily moderate content with powerful platform.

Create live event Tweet walls using UGC. Showcase your brand's products and services on venue displays, retail TVs, and information kioks. TwineSocial works with Chromecast and most major signage systems.

Develop rich and engaging social media applications for mobile apps, web, live display walls, events, retail displays, and broadcast. Include one line of code in your project and unlock access to user generated content on major social media platforms.

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the solutionThe TwineSocial Platform

TwineSocial's marketing cloud offers the most advanced solutions for tourism marketers. One powerful platform to tell your brand's story: authentically, at scale, and at every touchpoint.

Grow Conversions

Get 29% higher conversions with authentic social content on checkout, category, and product pages

Reduce Ad Spending

Big Ad spending is out. Authentic social content is in.

Drip Campaigns

Use authentic social content to power shopping cart abandon campaigns.

Find Influencers

Create life-long champions. Encourage sharing and tagging your authentic social content.

ugc solutions for marketers

4 Steps to Showcasing Your Experiences

Create powerful visuals on your tourism e-commerce site, and grow conversions from product discovery to checkout.

ugc solutions for marketers


Collect engaging and relevant social content. Manage your library of content in one place. Choose from over 15 content locations. Filter by location, date, hashtag, and more.


Review the most relevant content with our powerful Rules Engine. Moderate, tag, and approve content before it goes live, ensuring it represents your brand values.


Style your content to match your brand requirements. Add shopping hotspots and buttons to drive conversions. Choose from a library of beautiful pre-built themes.


Display in websites, apps, screens, print, emails, and more. Choose from simple "one-click" embeds, or use our powerful APIs.

Engineered for Smart Marketers that Care About Customers

Our platform is rock-solid, incredibly fast, scalable, and super easy to use. Make your life easier and your customers' lives better.


Extensive security protocols and 24/7 monitoring and alerting by machines and humans.


Our proprietary Rules Engine combines smart workflows with machine learning. Eliminate manual labor and operate at scale.


Your campaigns are always on, with our industry leading 99.99% uptime SLAs.


Easily integrate with your existing marketing ecosystem. Tight integrations with Google, Adobe, and more.


If it's out there, we'll find it. Official partners of all major social media networks ensure reliable access to UGC.


Highly optimized code delivers fast page loads to help eliminate bounce and keep your customers engaged.

Ready to showcase your Travel Experiences?

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