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AFF Suzuki Cup 2016

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AFF Suzuki Cup 2016

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The Case

For nations affiliated with the ASEAN Football Federation (AFF), there is no bigger event than the yearly AFF Suzuki Cup. Matching the best football teams from southeast Asia, the championship event is the highlight of the year for football fans and a chance for national pride to go on full display. Having won broadcast rights to the tournament, FOX Sports Asia was looking for a way to harness this pride and energy.

The Approach

With thousands of television viewers tuning in to FOX to view the games, and thousands more cheering on their teams online, a tool like TwineSocial was the perfect solution to bring all this energy into one place. And what better place than the FOX Sports Asia website?

Promoting the hashtag #WearYourPride, fans from all eight countries were invited to share their excitement online. As the tournament got off to an exciting start, social media began to buzz. Using Twine’s curation tools, not a bit of energy was missed as the well wishes, reports, and excitement flowed in.

The Outcome

With a central location for all this fan energy, the effect was magnified, something not previously thought possible to do with football’s already nearly frantic excitement. Fans of all teams had a single place to see all the buzz around the greatest football even in southeast ASIA - the AFF Suzuki Cup.

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