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In an age where traditional advertisements are failing, marketers are scrambling to squeeze engagement out of their budget.

Don't waste your money - Let fans build your website for you.

UGC marketers know that traditional website development simply doesn't engage their younger audience. In 2020, millennials spend up to 18 hours a day looking at a screen, and 30% of their time viewing user-generated content. These demographics have shifted their trust from stakeholders to participants, and this shift in attitudes will only grow stronger.

Sure, your product may be outstanding, your service unrivaled. But unless strong connections are built with customers, you don’t stand a chance in today’s disruptive marketplace. The wild, wonderful world of the Internet makes it easier than ever for shoppers to compare options and see what peers have to say. Instagram and Facebook influencers are waiting for a cause to get behind, so why not give them one? Let these advocates build a beautiful home page for your business, while you save precious time.

Even schools are getting creative with UGC, with some schools, like the University of San Diego, using TwineSocial to let their 2020 graduates compose their website.

Let potential customers see your fans - and critics.

User generated content (UGC) is a potent tool for marketers, that lets their fans do the talking. UGC lets potential customers judge not only your successes, but on your failures, which are few. When brands pull social media feeds into their websites using tools like TwineSocial, they get a well-curated page of social media promotion, all pulled together through tags and identifiers that associate with the brand.The best part... some social media aggregation tools have a moderation feature which lets marketers filter through their fans posts, even allowing them to promote and pin posts from users with well-built followings. With a moderation feature, marketers can also hide accounts and associations that may hurt their image, and even control the flow of negative feedback into the hub. Marketers can begin their UGC journey by creating unique social media campaigns for their fans. Coming up with a campaign keyword is also simple, through search engines like UberSuggest. For example, MasterCard has honed UGC success through campaigns like #PricelessSuprises and #Pricelessgolf for their once-in-a-lifetime experiences.Hotels like Hyatt have implemented the same tools through campaigns like their #CaretoShare movement, which sparked massive customer engagement, cementing their place as leaders in customer satisfaction and care.Consumers post complaints, praises, and opinions about your brand, products, and competitors in a publicly-accessible stream of consciousness. This valuable opportunity to glean insights should not be overlooked. Listening in not only improves overall brand development but also often helps protect your reputation, too. After all, one impassioned customer is all it takes to fan the flame of a viral hashtag.

UGC lets your audience know you're open to conversation.

marketing executive Dana Cordova notes, "By asking customers to share personal, relevant content, those companies accomplished more through social media than they could have through any formal advertising."

Smart marketers are inviting consumers to invest in the brand story as co-creators. With billions of people plugged in to social media, it’s surprisingly easy to do. These co-creators send a signal to others in their own audience, that your brand is open to input and suggestions. Allowing your audience to converse has proven to not only increase customer satisfaction, but the odds of that same customer becoming a repeat consumer. User generated content provides social proof for your brand, through users who want to be heard. From Generation Z to Boomers alike, your audience wants the voice that brands like TwineSocial provide.

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