Think Conversations with Lenovo's ThinkPad


Think Conversations with Lenovo's ThinkPad

CLIENT: Lenovo Think Conversations
AGENCY: Targetbase Australia // Melbourne, Australia

The Case

Designers and builders of the legendary ThinkPad, Lenovo has never shied away from revolutionary technology. When they set out to create a laptop that simultaneously held business-level computing power and supercar-like fit, finish, and features, they could scarcely have known what an impact they would have. In production since 1992, ThinkPad has sold over 100 million units, revolutionizing the business computing world, and successfully marrying simple style and innovative functionality with the highest performance and quality.

The Approach

The goal may have been a laptop that disappears into the background when you work, but with a piece of technology this revolutionary, people will talk. Lenovo approached Targetbase Australia, an integrated agency, to create a social destination for ThinkPad fans on the web and Think Conversations was born.

After conducting research, Targetbase Australia selected TwineSocial as the technology partner to help deliver the experience. Blending user-generated chatter and Lenovo company announcements, the Think Conversations Social Hub multiplies the effect of social buzz by bringing together disparate social channels across multiple geographies into a single, global conversation about all things ThinkPad.

The Outcome

For Think Conversations, the partnership with TwineSocial has helped to put the “social” element of social media front and center. With separate areas for “Most Popular” and “Most Commented” posts, the Think Conversations Social Hub brings people together through their common passion, becoming the destination for user stories and conversations around the legendary ThinkPad.

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