Powerful Rules Routing and a Stunning New Design

Our social media hubs just got two incredible updates, effective immediately. Our powerful new rules engine gives you maximum control over exactly what content appears on your social media hub, saving you time moderating new content. Plus, we've released a stunning new design that makes your hub look amazing right out of the box.

Easily Curate Your Aggregated Social Media

First up, our new rules engine lets you select content based on your chosen criteria and route it anywhere you want: trash, the moderation area, or any tab on your hub. When you login and choose a social media hub, you'll notice a new rules tab. Here you can edit, create, and manage your rules. New rules go into effect immediately the next time we crawl the networks for your content.

Creating a Rule

Choose multiple criteria for unlimited control over your social media hub. For instance, send all posts that contain images, are posted by a given user or users, and use a given hashtag to a special collection on your hub.

Twine's New Routing Feature

Routing Your Content

Additionally, you can perform multiple actions with your selected content. Choose to add content to a collection on your hub, flag it for moderation, automatically hide or delete it, or simply publish to your social media hub. And of course you can define as many rules as you like for your social media content. Manage them all in the rules tab in your TwineSocial admin.

Your Social Media Hub Looks Even Better—Right Out of the Box!

Next up, we've radically updated our social media hub's look-and-feel. The new design features a fresh, clean look with a white and light grey color scheme and beautiful network tags in official network colors. And of course you can still completely transform your social media hub with custom CSS.

New Social Media Hub Design

Your Turn: Aggregate Your Social Media with Twine

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