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Given digital trends and the influential nature of user-generated content, building your web presence is probably a big priority. After all, a single social media post could be the tipping point that spurs others into action. It’s that connection between online content and “real-life” decision-making that got us thinking: What would happen if we pulled social media out of smartphones and web browsers and actually featured this valuable UGC in stores, museums, schools, and event venues?

TwineSocial’s Live Post Slider Theme does just that. By bringing UGC full circle with streaming display walls, we make it easy for brands to connect followers online and on-site.

Social hubs are usually spotted as full-screen, vertically scrolling portfolios embedded on a website. That standard approach makes sense for many campaigns. It is not, however, the only option.

Among the 12 templates included in TwineSocial’s dashboard, clients will find the Live Post Slider Theme. In the past, streaming UGC on live display walls required advanced customization. Twine’s designers recognized not everyone has the time or resources to devote to intensive coding, so we created a versatile layout that–dare we say–revolutionizes what’s possible.

With the Live Post Slider, sharing real-time digital content with in-person guests only takes a few clicks. We already know UGC is hugely influential, and followers love being featured and seeing what other people have to say about your brand. Imagine the impact of presenting word-of-mouth support during a call to action or at the point of purchase. By integrating digital with the physical, live display walls can catapult social engagement to a whole new level.

The Live Post Slider is, of course, ideal for adding a splash of UGC to special events like concerts, festivals, collegiate ceremonies, and athletic events, but there are many other use cases. For any environment where guests regularly gather – museums, amusement parks, restaurants, corporate headquarters, art galleries, even the local mom and pop shop – the slider theme lends a personal touch to brand messaging.

As posts appear one at a time, smooth animation effects grab the attention of viewers who remain eager to see the next comment or brand announcement. Behind the scenes, you’ll want to tell the Twine engine which social media networks to search, plug in desired hashtags or accounts, and apply moderation rules. (That’s extremely helpful in maintaining the integrity of an on-site hub.) You can also set timing parameters and tweak various visual features to match your brand’s overall look and feel. With very little effort -- shh, we won’t tell -- you’ve just created a beautifully personalized experience.

Our advice? If you want to show customers you’ve got game, give the Post Slider Theme a try. We’re so confident you’ll create stand-out engagement that we’re offering free access to TwineSocial for 30 days. Start your trial or request a complimentary consultation here.

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